The Dean (Students' Affairs) is the coordinating authority for all student activities at IIT (BHU), and is responsible for the general welfare of the students at the Institute. The DoSA is also the ex-officio President of the Students' Parliament and the Chief Counsellor of the IIT (BHU) Gymkhana.

As the President of the Students' Parliament, the DoSA oversees the general functioning of the legislative body, and appoints elected representatives to the offices of the Vice President, the Assistant Vice President, and the Conveners of various parliamentary committees, who report to the DoSA on all matters concerning the Parliament.

The DoSA, as the Chief Counsellor of the Students' Gymkhana, supervises the working of its executive wing, and appoints the Counsellors, the General Secretaries, and the Joint General Secretaries for each of the Councils, along with the Conveners of the Institute Festivals. All the student activities are organized in coordination with the Secretaries and the Joint Secretaries of the various Clubs under the respective Councils, and the Heads of the various Teams under each Institute Festival.

The Dean (Students' Affairs) also looks after the matters of student welfare, including hostel affairs, and takes care of the needs of students requiring any special attention.