Road Transport & Highways

Road Transport & Highways Thrust Area Coordinator (TAC) – Dr. Ankit Gupta (email:

ransportation plays a vital role in transporting goods and services from one location to another. The growing levels of road congestion and air pollution has led to the development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that uses sensor data and communication technology to aid drivers, shippers and highway agencies to make fast, accurate and optimal decisions that reduce carbon footprints, minimize time lost due to congestion, while increasing safety, reliability and efficiency. Sensors are becoming cheaper while the software that runs them as well as technology for collecting and managing data is ever improving.

There is an extensive opportunity for India to become a pioneer in applying ITS technologies and set an example especially for developing countries where ITS applications are still beginning to appear. The vast amount of data already collected through GPS (smart phones), weigh-in-motion (toll plazas) and other sensors needs to be standardized for efficient fusion of data from multitude of sensors. IIT (BHU) aims to be the center of excellence that would develop, facilitate and implement ITS in developing Indian cities into smart communities while at the same time preparing human resources equipped with interdisciplinary tools and techniques to understand, implement and evaluate ITS in modern India